Content Strategy

What is Content Strategy?

A content strategy paves a path to set guideposts for creating and distributing content that supports larger brand goals. Defining marketing goals, setting priorities, and ensuring that the marketing efforts are goal driven, are key areas that our content strategy experts focus on. It can be understood as a blueprint for building cohesive and effective content for a business, such that it aligns with the goals, reaches the target audience, improves branding, and generate leads. Brands that curate poorly designed and distributed are doing nothing but shooting themselves in the foot and sinking resources and time into content that never moves the needle. However, a documented content strategy helps your business do it the right way and facilitates getting more mileage from the content. At Scribblers India, our content strategy experts equip you with focus, clarity, and the ability to outline the avenues, so you can brainstorm cutting-edge ideas and create cohesive content, that delivers an outstanding experience to the users. When it comes to the production of content, our primary goal is to understand the user’s needs. This assists in prioritizing and creating content that helps you accomplish the business goals and resonate with the audience.

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Benefits of having a content strategy

A documented content strategy is a powerful roadmap that can strategically guide the marketing efforts of a business. It allows one to understand who you want to reach, what kind of content you should create, why to use a given type of content, what channels to leverage, and what goals you are planning to accomplish. Gone are the days when one would publish a blog post every few months. Now, if your business relies on content marketing heavily to boost the brand, then, you definitely need a content strategy. Here’s how you will benefit from a robust content strategy:

Better Target the Audience

When done well, the content strategy offers a better understanding of the target audience and thus, helps curate content that addresses their pain points and needs. It purports to deliver the right content, at the right time, and to the right people through the right channels, so your traffic and ROI go up and take you far.

Easier & Effective Content Creation

Content creation is not an easy task to tackle, however, it gets a lot easier with a solid content strategy. That’s because you get to understand the “why” of your content which renders it easier to come up with topics, inspiration, and ideas. Results improve a notch further when the strategy is curated in alignment with the content marketing goals of your business.

Improve Branding

How your brand is perceived by the world matters a lot. A sound strategy for content creation and allocation helps you define the brand and thus, influence the way it is cognized. As opposed to a haphazard approach, telling stories about the company, its mission, vision, and values to the audience in a strategic way surely pays off.

Optimizes Marketing Team

In the absence of a documented content strategy, marketing teams remain virtually clueless about how much content needs to be curated, where it must be posted, or how one can repurpose it. Content strategy furnishes the marketing teams with performance metrics and other figures which helps them prioritize the tasks, define a work schedule to create content, and thus, manifest higher productivity.

Identify New Opportunities

Drafting a content strategy is helpful in outlining the avenues a marketer can utilize to follow trends and news to come up with innovative story ideas. It is helpful in coordinating the efforts to discover new opportunities for content creation.

Why Choose Us?

We understand great content is a vital asset that is remarkably worthwhile in transforming your marketing game. It helps you better understand & target your audience, grow your business and deliver exciting opportunities for your business. Producing good content is important but publishing and releasing it on different platforms without a proper strategy won’t yield the anticipated results, productivity, and efficiency. And that’s where Scribblers India can help! Scribblers India develop a tailor-made content marketing strategy for your business and set on the journey to inspire & attract new customers.


Three key elements of a content strategy as per the industry experts are user experience, brand focus, and content distribution.
The content strategy team collaborates and works under a content strategy specialist who is responsible for curating the “course of action” for the team. The course of action delineates the content that needs to be crafted, the form it will take, and where & when it needs to be published.
The content strategist’s role is to plan, write, and edit documents, and make sure it is coherent, clear, and appropriately distributed across social media and mobile platforms and the web. Furthermore, the professional also takes care to check the consistency of the content and how it aligns with the brand philosophy.
A winning content strategy minds a KPI, and then, plans and strives to achieve it. It is basically a roadmap that outlines the exact steps and measures that need to take to accomplish that objective. A good content strategy relies on proper understanding of the target audience, considering brand goals, and identifying and eliminating content gaps wisely.

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